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2019-02-14 - News

Born: January 5th, 2006 Position: Defence or Forward Sienna D'Alessandro was just 4 years old when she told her mom she wanted to trade in her figure skates for hockey gear. Her parents had little information on what was offered for girls hockey and hesitated before signing her up for the MAHG Hockey F é minin program in Laval. Already ahead of her age group in height and skills on the ice, her competitive spirit propelled her to the next level. Sienna was surclassed to play Novice C, where she played for 2 years. At this point, her parents' decision to let...

2019-01-22 - News

Hockey 360 Training is pleased to present their Spring PEP & Hockey Lab Spring Camp Pricing Packages   - Option#1;  PEP only $250 - Op...

2019-01-22 - News

We would like to welcome everyone officially to the 360 Hockey Training website launch. The goal for us is very simple...... to offer the best quality 360 degree training program that incorporates every aspect of hockey training. Whether i...

2018-12-11 - News




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